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Professor John Ladbury

John Ladbury

Professor Alan Ladbury is the dean of the Faculty of Biological Sciences and Professor of Mechanistic Biology in the University’s Faculty of Biological Sciences.

His research interests explore the “Mechanistic basis of pathological signal transduction”. With a focus on early signalling events, Alan is exploring the structural, biophysical, and cellular outcomes of protein complex formation at receptors. Perturbation of these complexes by inhibiting assembly or modifying the time course reveals how the exquisite sensitivity of early signalling complex formation can ensure specificity and lead to disease.

Find out more at… www.fbs.leeds.ac.uk/staff/profile.php?tag=Ladbury_J

Terry Kee

Terry Kee

Reader Terry Kee is a member of the Atmospheric and Planetary Chemistry group at the University’s School of Chemistry.

The primary interest in the laboratory, of which Terry is a part, concerns the role of phosphorusin abiogenesis, the origins of life on earth. Phosphorus is central to contemporary biochemistry but significant problems remain as to how Nature could have incorporated it into the earliest forms of life on earth.

Terry’s work is highly collaborative and cross-disciplinary incorporating studies in meteoritics, corrosion electrochemistry, systems chemistry, bioenergetics, membrane science, computational modelling and high-energy geochemistry.

Find out more at… www.chem.leeds.ac.uk/People/Kee.html

Samantha Aspinall

Samantha Aspinall

Samantha Aspinall works with academics, research staff and research students focusing on their professional development needs. Her specialisms include developing training programmes for grant applications, facilitating interdisciplinary collaborations and working with people on career path development.

Samantha designs and delivers workshops on leadership, collaboration, cohort building, creative thinking, building confidence, enterprise, networking and communication. She works with other universities on Staff Development Programmes and has recently been appointed to the BBSRC Bioscience Skills and Careers Strategy Panel (commencing January 2015).

This panel is responsible for developing and maintaining policies to support the supply of trained people in the biosciences relevant to its user communities. Samantha is also a qualified MBTI practitioner, Step I&II

Find out more at… fbs.leeds.ac.uk/staff/profile.php?tag=Aspinall_S

Professor Mark Harris

Mark Harris

Mark Harris is Professor of Virology at the University’s School of Molecular and Cellular Biology

Mark’s research seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms underpinning the replication of the important human pathogen, hepatitis C virus. In particular, to understand how this virus replicates its RNA genome and packages this into infectious virus particles. Mark hopes that this information will lead to the development of novel, much needed, therapeutics.

Current major projects include:

  • Structure and composition of the HCV RNA replication complex
  • Functional studies on the non-structural NS5A protein
  • Structure-based drug design to develop new HCV therapeutics
  • HIV Nef studies

Find out more at… astbury.leeds.ac.uk/people/staff/staffpage.php?StaffID=MH

Professor Nicola Stonehouse

Nicola Stonehouse

Nicola’s Stonehouse group has interests in virology and RNA biology, applying novel approaches to the study of virus replication and assembly.

Current major projects include:

  • Use of RNA aptamers to study viral proteins and inhibit their function
  • Viral assembly and vaccine development
  • Viral Replication

Find out more at… astbury.leeds.ac.uk/people/staff/staffpage.php?StaffID=NJS

Dr. Helen Atherton

Helen Atherton is lecturer in nursing at the University of Leeds, her research interests are in learning disabilities from a historical and social perspective. She has worked on a range of learning disability projects with Purple Patch Arts, including ‘Present in my Past’, and currently on the ‘Feel Good’ project which is developing a public health education programme for people with learning disabilities.

Helen has also received heritage lottery funding for the ‘Hull and East Yorkshire Learning Disability Oral History Project’ which focusses on Brandesburton, a hospital for people with learning disabilities. It accommodated hundreds of people over many decades. To date no attempt has been made to access the memories of those who lived and worked in this hospital or to preserve them in a format that would be accessible for generations to come. The aim of this project is to address this deficit by collecting oral testimonies, other forms of archive material such as photographs and other personally owned written evidence.

Find out more at… medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/profile/1100/131/helen_atherton

Dr. Stephanie Steels

Stephanie Steels

Stephanie is a Lecturer in Social Work. Her research interests include social work, global public health, health inequalities, outcome measures, ageing and disability studies.

Stephanie teaches on both the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes within the School of Healthcare. These include teaching research methods, public health and ageing populations. She is module leader for the Social Work module Human Growth, Behaviour and Development. She also supervises postgraduate students on their MA dissertations.

Find out more at… medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/profile/1100/1228/stephanie_steels

Eunsuk Hur

Eunsuk Hur

Eunsuk Hur is a designer, marketing consultant, artist, and educator whose work is pushing the boundaries of fashion and textiles by exploring alternative solutions for future sustainability and design innovation.

She gained her PhD in sustainable fashion from the School of Design, University of Leeds and Master of Textile Future degree in Central Saint Martins, University of Art in London.

She is particularly interested in co-design practices, branding, sustainability and tool development for commercially variable design processes and would look to develop internationally competitive research in these areas.

Prior to her academic career, Eunsuk has several years’ experience as a designer and design consultant for various companies, such as ‘Samsonite’, ‘Korean colour and fashion trend center (CFT)’, ‘LG Fashion and more.

She also participated in industrial collaboration projects such as The Wool mark design (2012), Nonwoven project for Lenzing (2011) at the University of Leeds, ‘Future travel project for Samsonite’ (2008) at the Central Saint Martins, The Trafalgar Hilton Hotel Window display commission by Jota Magazine (2010), Arnold Daniel Palmer neck tie design (2008) and more.

The most recent project that she participated on was the Coding and Body project (2014) in the Apexart gallery in New York, invited to participate by Professor Leah Buechley from MIT Media Lab.

Her MA final project ‘Nomadic wonderland’ was selected for the Central Saint Martins Contemporary Collections 2009, and was also selected for the ‘Casamica Talent Scouting’ ‘Salone del Mobile’ 2009 during Milan design week. Her work has been exhibited internationally in venues including the Tokyo Design Centre, the Salone del Mobile’ at Salone satellite, the ’Gwangju Design Biennale’ in Korea, the Tent London during London design festival and more.

You can find out more about Eunsuk at… eunsukhur.com

John Stell

John Stell

John studied Mathemematics and later Computer Science at Manchester University. He is now a Senior Lecturer in the School of Computing at Leeds, and before coming to Leeds was a lecturer at Keele University. While working at Leeds he completed a BA in Fine Art at Leeds College of Art through part time study.

His research in computing focusses on the mathematical structure of spatial information as applied in geographic information and artificial intelligence. His art practice explores drawing as mapping, and connections between spatial notions in art and in computation have been investigated in a number of research projects.

Find out more about John at… www.comp.leeds.ac.uk/jgs and www.johnstell.com

Jo Merrygold

Jo Merrygold

Jo Merrygold is a Masters Student in Theology and Religious Studies at the University of Leeds. Throughout her undergraduate degree she undertook an Undergraduate Research and Leadership Scholarship in the Community Religions Project where she continues to work as Project Assistant. She is particularly interested in the relationship between religion in particular spaces, and has researched the location and significance of Bibles in Leeds city centre.

Throughout summer 2014 she will be working with Seán McLoughlin to develop the new Hajj website and will participate in Leeds Creative Labs with Seán and Tim Waters.

Prior to starting her undergraduate degree Jo undertook a range of jobs from car sales to running a Christian commune and she enjoys the challenges of gaining new skills and sharing new ideas – something very much at the heart of Leeds Creative Labs.

Jo is on Twitter as @Jo_Merrygold and can be emailed at j.merrygold@leeds.ac.uk

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