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Data Staffs, Knitted Pixels, Invisibility Cloaks

One of our favourite creative labs alumni, artist Dave Lynch, has also been involved in designing and producing a whole other creative lab programme, specifically to help artists and creatives find time and space to conduct R&D.

Schemes &  Dreams

The second iteration of Dave’s Digital Media Labs took place as a week long residency in Barrow-in-Furness last September. Dave asked me to attend the final presentations and document my observations for later publication.

You can read a preview of my experience in a piece over at Medium

In a park at the end of the world, I found the blended artefacts of ancient and new cultures — data staffs, knitted pixels, invisibility cloaks, messages suspended in the ether, sardonic software and code as poetry.

Entanglement, Entropy

Impact in 5

Last November, Erica put together an evening of lightning talks to showcase the impact of various research projects at the University of Leeds, including two which originated in the Creative Labs…

Firstly, Simon Popple and I presented Pararchive and our progress from early conversations brokered by the lab in 2012, to an AHRC-funded 18-month research programme which is coming to an end in a few weeks time with the launch of our storytelling app Yarn.

The second talk showcased the collaboration on Hajj Experiences between Seán, Jo and Tim during the Summer 2014 edition… Continue reading

Sue Hayton

Sue Hayton

Sue is Business Development Manager in the Faculty of Arts’ Arts Engaged programme.

Sue develops partnerships outside the University that help to promote the impact of research. Sue joined Leeds from the Arts Council in February 2012 brings over 30 years experience in the cultural and creative sector. Sue’s career started in design, working for a major publishing house. Her work in the cultural sector has spanned work with dance, festivals, galleries, museums and theatre as a director, producer and trustee.

As a consultant, through Hayton Associates, Sue was commissioned by organisations such as The National Trust, Arts Council England, HLF, Youth Music and The National Portrait Gallery. Sue devised creative methods for the evaluation of inter-disciplinary partnerships and cultural engagement which has impacted on policy and practice. Her work with HLF informed the distribution of £5million funding for young people’s heritage projects through the Young Roots programme.

Sue is also on the Board of the South Square Arts Centre in Bradford, a committee member of the Bronte Birthplace Trust and a member of the Chartered Management Institute.

Find out more about Sue at leeds.ac.uk/arts/profile/125100/1088/sue_hayton or find her on Twitter as @iggyfisk or follow the CCI Exchange (@ccileeds).

Bloom – Peter Laflin, Fiona Ainley & Amanda Otley

Bloom are a team of specialists who invent, pioneer and deliver digital solutions. Since 2001, Bloom have worked in partnership with academic institutions, thought leaders and technology think-tanks to discover new processes and new solutions. But it’s more than that – whilst Bloom understand the nitty gritty academic theory, they also understand what makes consumers  really tick. This leaves them in a unique position where they can effectively align businesses with the opportunities that the ever-changing technology landscape presents.

Bloom’s clients are at the heart of everything they do. They see it as their duty to help them on their digital discovery journey. From website build, SEO and social media, to the digital stars of predictive CRM and big data, Bloom are there every step of the way. Bloom work in partnership with their clients to discover what’s next together and overcome any hurdles along the way.

Find out more at… bloomagency.co.uk

Dr. Martin Thomas

Martin Thomas has a background in multilingual information design and specializes in multimodal localization.

Find out more at… www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/profile/125053/286/martin_thomas

Dragos Ciobanu

Dragos Ciobanu has expertise in computer-assisted translation workflows and multilingual e-learning.

Find out more at… www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/profile/20043/990/dragos_ciobanu

Bogdan Babych

Bogdan Babych’s interests include machine translation evaluation and he leads the EU/Marie Curie-funded Industry-Academia Partnerships project, HyghTra.

Find out more at… www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/profile/20030/824/bogdan_babych

Alina Secara

Alina Secara is currently working on the reception of subtitles using eye-tracking technology.

Find out more at… www.leeds.ac.uk/arts/profile/125053/890/alina_secara

Dave Lynch

Dave Lynch

“It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission.” – Grace Hopper

I’ve been working with interactive, time based visual art in public, private and virtual spaces since 1999 and strive to make work that inspires expression; the use of art as a tool for social change or something simply beautiful to gaze upon or think about. I’d like to think that some of what I do inspires people to make the world a better place for themselves and others through collaboration, the sharing of ideas, experimentation and technology.

“Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise; seek what they sought.” – Bashō Matsuo

I have always been fascinated by the fusion new and old technologies, methods and processes. This often takes the form of expanded cinema meeting interactive installation and devices. I am a practicing projection bomber (guerilla outdoor projection) & currently working on a series of projections from moving vehicles and the theoretical possibilities of large scale interactive installation.

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – Alice’s Adventrues in Wonderland, Lewis Carroll

My current areas of research are in non-lethal weapons, mind hacks, open source forms of technological gesture based expression. Collaboration is core to my practice and shown by the diverse range of clients and people I work with including: Musicians, Composers, Writers, Illustrators, Programmers, Scientists, Architects, Engineers, Sculptors and other film-makers.

“Play is underestimated” Steve Manthorp

More at… davelynch.net

Vlad Strukov

I am an Associate Professor in Russian Cultural Studies and World Cinemas,School of Modern Languages and Cultures. I have worked at the University of Leeds since 2006; in 2005-06 I had temporary jobs at London universities, including the School of Slavonic and East European Studies, University College London. Prior to that, I was a Visiting Assistant Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures of the University of Pittsburgh, USA. I started my academic career at the University of Voronezh, Russia, where I taught literature, cultural and communication studies and served as Deputy Head of the School of European Languages and Cultures between 1995 and 2003. In 2010, I was a research fellow at the Aleksanteri Institute of the University of Helsinki.

My research interests include contemporary film, animation, digital media, especially the internet, and popular culture; digital and web-induced arts, especially the issues of medium; digital television, computer gaming; issues of space and authorship, and national identity in literature, cinema and art.

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