Today Mark and I had our first meeting, we decided to meet at the museum which was a really nice setting, especially for creative collaboration! I came to the meeting with an iPhone sketchbook, because we had initial conversations at the first meet up about what he was hoping to have for this collaboration, which was essentially a way to present the work of Harold Pinter – website, etc, app… to a varied audience (we talked about this too later) and so with that in mind I thought the app sketchbook would be a nice way to help us both to visualize what this could potentially be about.

Mark had prepared for me some initial information, videos, links, images about the work of Pinter so that I could come to the conversation with an understanding of the importance, varied and wide body of work he had done. This was very useful also because it put into scope for me exactly how much information there is – and how would this be possible to represent in an app.


One of the draft drawings of a potential screen for an iPhone app. This represents a screen where the user can use their camera to photograph a text from Pinter, and it would then search based on that photo (the text) and return search results of actors who had played in that production, wardrobe information, etc…

Mark had a great way to present some of that information in a timeline which was something I knew we had to include – we spent time discussion essential things that would be important for people using the app, mapping out and drawing possible ways to present it. This was a useful exercise for me to be able to see how a subject with this much background would be best represented. We also looked at it’s wider scope and application as an actual framework potentially for universities etc to be able to bring other subjects to be presented in a similar way.

It was interesting for me to meet up and discuss things that Mark had been visualising for a very long time, a project that he has passion for and to come into it and challenge him on seeing perhaps a different angle or alternative vision. I enjoyed asking him about who the audience would be, and how we could best address these different groups, what features would each group find most useful, and how would someone who potentially was coming to the app (maybe through taking a course?) who has no knowledge of Pinter’s work, be able to even use an app… things like this was addressed through a timeline of works, where you could scroll through and be able to see things right away without using any search terms.

We left this initial discussion with both having some tasks to get on with before our next meeting, screens to mockup based on discussions, information to present and some work to research for the next meeting where we would discuss and look at data visualisation in a more general way.