DARE Edition: Final Presentations2016 sees a new edition of Leeds Creative Labs: DARE 2016 Edition.

An opportunity for artists and researchers to explore new ways of working together to demonstrate the relevance of the arts to developing, interpreting and presenting research with broad public impact .

The first DARE Edition Labs in 2015 sparked exciting collaborations between academics and performing arts organisations, achieving a positive impact on the thinking and practice of all involved and the development of inspired future projects. 

See here for an insight into the process for 2015 and here for a short film of each group’s journey.

The cohort for the DARE Edition 2016 include…

Rash Dash image 2 Oh I cant be Bothered - compressed
Rash Dash‘s Helen Goalan and Abbi Greenland paired with Terry Kee, of the School of Chemistry.
tutti frutti and YTR Snow Child 3 low res photo by Simon Marshall - compressed
Tutti Frutti‘s Wendy Harris, paired with Dr. Stephanie Steels and Dr. Helen Atherton of the School of Healthcare.
Phoenix image
Phoenix Dance Theatre‘s Sharon Watson paired with Prof. Nicola StonehouseProf Mark Harris and Samantha Aspinall, of the School of Molecular and Cellular Biology.

Dominic Gray, of Opera North paired with Prof. John Ladbury, of the Faculty of Biological Sciences.


Created in 2007, DARE is the partnership between Opera North and the University of Leeds.