Helen Atherton is lecturer in nursing at the University of Leeds, her research interests are in learning disabilities from a historical and social perspective. She has worked on a range of learning disability projects with Purple Patch Arts, including ‘Present in my Past’, and currently on the ‘Feel Good’ project which is developing a public health education programme for people with learning disabilities.

Helen has also received heritage lottery funding for the ‘Hull and East Yorkshire Learning Disability Oral History Project’ which focusses on Brandesburton, a hospital for people with learning disabilities. It accommodated hundreds of people over many decades. To date no attempt has been made to access the memories of those who lived and worked in this hospital or to preserve them in a format that would be accessible for generations to come. The aim of this project is to address this deficit by collecting oral testimonies, other forms of archive material such as photographs and other personally owned written evidence.

Find out more at… medhealth.leeds.ac.uk/profile/1100/131/helen_atherton