We met at the suitably named Create Cafe building for an afternoon of Hepworth-related chatter. We were missing the priorly engaged Rob, but managed to trundle on through. Perhaps we were somewhat more cryptic about our ideas than other groups, but decided to store and reserve energy for the final ‘reveal’.

Although everyone seems to be working towards some form of prototype, it doesn’t appear necessary. Our group is, however, finding some cohesion through developing practical elements of our conceptualisation. Some form of proof of concept, we feel, provides useful solidification of ideas.

Questions were raised as to the ‘end product’, ‘feedback’ and ‘next steps’, which for us further highlighted the flexibility of the lab’s brief. Perhaps this openness and blue sky trajectory is our answer to the question, “what has your group found most challenging”.  It reminded us to ensure that we were enjoying the freedom and flexibility of exploring as many wild, basic, complex and outrageous conceptual avenues as possible.

Pleasure to see the entire cohort and organisers.

Rewriting, reaffirming and and realigning our trailing thoughts are deemed suitable next steps.