Create Cafe
(photo courtesy of Imran Ali)

A few general notes on the lab experience

All of the groups have had a certain proclivity to subvert curation, take art outside of the walls of the Hepworth and to apply any digital applications somewhat further down the line of the process.

The process is as interesting for where there are conflicting directions as there are synergies.

Balancing the desire to design something that is both challenging and relevant means understanding more of the Hepworth’s drivers and to some degree, making a decision about how much this informs a more objective approach.

There is a difference between feedback on the overall outcomes of this edition of Creative Labs and individual feedback on our ideas. The former is more realistic (I made a point of requesting this!) and the latter being entirely subjective at such an early stage.

And finally, it isn’t often one gets the opportunity to think and work so freely on such a creative brief, with an equally interesting array of people. It is not difficult to hold on to that thought as we progress further.

Katie Brown