It was great to have a long session with Simon yesterday.

I find it always helpful to share my discipline with someone who is less familiar with it,  because it enables me to see it through their eyes and this is always, well, eye opening!

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly and accurately Simon was able to pick up the user needs of an actor training session. Although I have been working in actor training contexts for nearly 10 years,logistics have been at the back of my head but never at the front.

Simon and I considered possible formats that the ‘it’ might take. I have just realised that using this word brings to mind Stephen  King’s evil clown rather than the application we aspire to creating…

But then again, calling ‘it’ is useful for me because it is vague and thus leaves possibilities open. I am also very interested in the metaphor that underlie the way we envisage and talk about the ‘it’. Simon told me he is thinking of it as a tool. I realised while we were talking that I am thinking about ‘it’ more like an interface: a space in-between, a threshold,  or indeed a presence.

Of course it will be a tool, and I think Simon is right in thinking about it as a tool, because it has to be useful and appropriate, but also versatile and simple. I think these are the principles that we have indentified as important. 

I am also thiniking however that a ‘tool’ is more than an object since it can enable relationships that were not there before, lead to discoveries that would not have been possible with out it, or develop compentencies that are as much related to the technical knowledge involved in making the tool as they are related to the one who will eventually use it.