After agonising over applications along with Sue and Natalie, we finally arrived at our selection for the 2015 cohort and The Hepworth Edition of the labs.

Last week we convened our academics, students and technologist to introduce them to each other and our challenge to Remix the Gallery.

Our three groups include two combinations of academic/technologist/students and one technologist/student match…

The groups got to know each other over lunch; Erica, Natalie and I outlined the nature of the challenge and the philosophy of the labs, along with support and mentoring that will be available from the University and the Hepworth.

The groups went on to explore the gallery, stimulating their discussions and shared some of their early ideas with the cohort and the labs team. Here are a few snippets of their thoughts…

“…curation without being present.”

“…mapping online interaction.”

“…sonification of different places in the gallery.”

“…allowing users to curate their experience of the gallery.”

“…hearing the space.”

“…the deification of objects… curators’ control over curation.”

“…turning museum inside out – museum of objects from people’s own lives and collections.”

“…how digital artefacts might work in twenty years time when things don’t have physical form.”

“…imbuing things with value by giving them a lifespan,”

“…version control of journeys for a potential object.”

I asked Natalie if any of the thoughts were making her uncomfortable… and if so, the labs are off to a great start!

As always, it’s a very cool cohort, but what strikes me about this particular mix is the number of polymaths; from the ‘technologist’ category in particular.

I think it’s time for us to retire that term and talk about ‘innovators’.