Shay Moradi

I’m a technology omnivore and designer by profession. I used to teach creative code and studio practice to Digital Media Students but for the past five years I’ve been working at Running in the Halls. By day I’m a producer, interface designer and generalist, by night I’m working on my own research projects, very often the boundaries of my personal interests and professional work become blurred but that’s a good thing. It means I’m super passionate about what I do and see things with a long exposure setting. We do a lot of work with Universities and for Television companies where our abilities are stretched and tested in super condensed, high stake projects.

Through my experiences in teaching and my role in producing digital properties such as apps, games and physical installations, I know how to connect and plug things together to create seamless experiences. My fingers effervesce a digital glue and my goal is to be a good designer knows how to produce things well and get under the skin of projects to make new connections and deliver results.