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Introducing the Hepworth Edition cohort

After agonising over applications along with Sue and Natalie, we finally arrived at our selection for the 2015 cohort and The Hepworth Edition of the labs.

Last week we convened our academics, students and technologist to introduce them to each other and our challenge to Remix the Gallery.

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Cory Doctorow: GLAM and the Free World

When we started to think about the challenge with which we wished to frame the Hepworth Edition of the labs, we had a lot of ideas about culture-as-a-platform which led us to the OpenGLAM principles – good practices for galleries, libraries, archives and museums looking to embrace an open, connected philosophy.

Serendipitously I came across a talk by Cory Doctorow on this very subject and immediately we knew we wanted to have Cory’s ideas at the heart of our project and invited him to share those ideas at our launch event last month.

Cory spoke of the moral, political and democratic freedoms at stake across the galleries, libraries, archives and museums sector and how it could take the lead in ensuring that access to our cultural assets and heritage remain free and open; we’re hoping those ideas provide a compelling backdrop for our next cohort this Spring.

The Hepworth Wakefield Edition: Scenes from a launch…

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