After the initial meeting, we had some time apart to work on our tasks that we had agreed. Some of the things that happened since the meeting was that Mark had set up an Evernote notebook for us to share the information / resources that we had been putting together / working on. This was a new way for me to share information. I had once set up a list and that was a collaborative thing, but to use a notebook and share images and text was a different way to do things, and evernote had a lot of great features, like being able to save the images from the posts directly.


Using Evernote as a collaborative tool.

We could use the images and text information to create the iPhone mock ups to try to envision the ideas we had discussed. We then planned our next meeting so that we could share the resources we had started to build and how we can put together the iPhone app and work though how we could use this as a starting point.